New Tool/Toy: Tevo Tarantula

I found my way into 3D printing with the Tevo Tarantula, a Prusia i3 clone at a pretty low price(205$). The base model has pretty much everything i was looking for.

The available options looked interesting, but i choose to stay with the basic model. Options included:

  • Larger build  area: i don’t think i need one, and i guess it would draw more current, and therefore be harder on the power switching and power supply. Also: more power consumption means more heat dissipation, and, well…  it‘ summer 🙂
  • Dual or fancy extruders: i guess i could add this option later on if i like to.  I expected to be able to get into 3D printing with the basic model. Dual extruders seem  to add a lot of complexity, so i chose to avoid them for now.
  • Automatic bed leveling. To be honest, i added this option to my order, but the sensor failed after my  second print.  Turns out that the 35$ option is just a 8$ sensor + a connector.  Let’s pretend that i didn’t chose  the option and just added the sensor later on 🙂

This Youtube Playlist helpt a lot putting the printer  together. The build was pretty strait forward.

Adding the bed level sensor was basicly just one more screw. The rest is changing the firmware, which required a bit more reserach. The firmware is an open source project called Marlin. The configuration file is a bit hard to get through, but there is a comunnity(facebook, website) surrounding the Tevo Tarantula, which provides configuration.h files for the Tevo (also one with automatic bed leveling).

Crouching Tiger and Turtle

Just rediscovered a landmark which already was on my mental „places i want to go“ list. And thats where most of places which look interesting to me get lost. So: instead of simply starting a real list of places i want to visit, i am going to share this with you, right here in this category. And what could be a better start then a roller coaster walkway?


by flickr user Dirk65
by flickr user Dirk65


Um beim Segeln unsere Strecken loggen und posten können hab ich mal mein altes Handy ausgegraben und zum Test einen Track mit MyTracks aufgezeichnet, um ihn dann mit Flexible Map in WordPress zu visualisieren.

[flexiblemap  src=““  width=“474″ ]

Deutlich erkennbar ist, dass ich zuerst das falsche Ziel im Navi hatte (Frankfurt ohne Adresse) und erst mal im Feierabendverkehr durch die Innenstadt geirrt bin. Dafür war am Ziel die Parkplatzsuche vergleichsweise einfach 🙂

Und auch pixeln und so Sachen…